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Memo: Tuna Carpaccio dressing made by onion, garlic, vegetable oil and soy sauce

Memo: Ponzu sauce made by Japanese dashi, soy sauce and rice vinegar

Memo: Dashi is Japanese soup stock, which becomes the base of many Japanese dishes, such as soup and nimono (simmered dishes). Since dashi is often used in Japanese cooking, it’s useful to know how to make it. There are different kinds of dashi. It can be made from konbu (dried kelp), katsuo-bushi (dried bonito flakes), niboshi (dried small sardines), or hoshi-shiitake (dried shiitake mushrooms).

Konbu dashi and mushroom dashi are known as good vegetarian stocks.


Memo: shrimp salad, beef salad and fried calamari salad their dressing made by Japanese mustard and soy sauce

Sushi Rolls

Spider Roll
fried soft shell crab, avocado, masago outside
Salmon Skin Roll
baked salmon skin, scallion, Q, masago
Caterpillar Roll
crabstick, Q, avocado on top
Caterpillar Special
tempura crabstick, Q, avocado on top
Caterpillar Eel
BBQ eel, Q, avocado on top
Caterpillar Shrimp
tempura shrimp, Q, avocado on top
BBQ eel, Q, avocado, cream cheese
Rock’n Roll
BBQ eel, avocado, masago-outside
Big Crunchy Eel
tempura shrimp, BBQ eel on top
Crunchy Munch Roll
temp. shrimp, eel, avocado, masago-outside
California Eel
California roll, eel on the top
Fashion Eel
Temp crabstick, Q, BBQ eel & avocado on top
Super Crunchy Eel
spicy crunchy, BBQ eel on top
Super Crunchy Shrimp
spicy crunchy, boiled shrimp on top
Temp shrimp, egg-omelet, Q, masago-outside
California Shrimp
California roll, shrimp on the top
boiled shrimp, Q, avocado
Shrimp King
tempura shrimp, boiled shrimp on top
Super California King
Red King Crab, Q, avocado
Tempura Bagel
smoked salmon, cream cheese rolled & deep-fried
Cooked Submarine
cooked salmon and tuna, Q, avocado
Yummy Yummy
salmon-yellowtail rolled like Yuki’s roll
cooked tuna and salmon inside.
special sautéed sauce over roll
salmon-tuna rolled w/seaweed deep-fried and rolled again w/rice
Circle Vegetable A
Q, avocado, egg-omelet
Circle Vegetable B
Q, avocado, carrot, kampyo
Circle Vegetable C
Q, bean curd, lettuce
Circle Vegetable D
Potato crocket, lettuce
Caterpillar Tuna
tuna (or spicy tuna ), Q, avocado on top
spicy tuna, avocado, egg-omelet
Rainbow Roll
California roll with variety of fish on the top
Crazy Spicy Tuna Roll
spicy tuna roll with tuna & avocado on top
tuna, yellowtail, avocado
T & S
crabstick, Q, tuna and salmon on top
tuna, y.tail, flounder, temp asparagus, masago
salmon, tuna, Q, avocado
Crazy Salmon roll
crabstick, fresh salmon on top
White Submarine
salmon, white tuna, Q, avocado
Crazy Crunchy Salmon
tempura crabstick, fresh salmon on top
Salmon Symphony
crabstick, fresh and smoked salmon on top
smoked salmon, cream cheese
California Cheese
California roll, cream cheese inside
Jewish Bagel
smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado
Japanese Bagel
fresh salmon, cream cheese, avocado
crabstick, Q, smoked salmon & cream cheese on top
Pink Lady
temp crabstick, Q, salmon & cream cheese on top
Circle Box Roll
box style sushi! variety of fish on top
(No seaweed paper)
House Special

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Circle Sushi Japanese Restaurant

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8725 Roswell Rd : Suite 7 GA 30350

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